Huobi Lists MongCoin (MONG)

Huobi has announced that it will list MongCoin (MONG), a new meme token inspired by the MONGS NFT collection, on May 20, 2023.

MongCoin is a meme cryptocurrency project that launched the MONG token on April 23, 2023. Unlike some other meme coins, it’s about an already existing collection of NFTs: MONGS NFT. The NFT collection in question was created in January 2022 and contains 6,943 NFTs, each depicting a different mongoose. MONG spot trading (MONG/USDT) will open when the deposit volume meets the demand of market trading, which will be officially announced in advance.

Huobi also warned its users to be careful when trading with newly listed tokens as they are often subject to high price fluctuations. If there is no order in the order book between 90% ~ 110% of the final price, all new market orders for buy/sell will be automatically canceled to avoid slippage.

MongCoin has become the latest meme token to be listed on Huobi after the exchange recently announced that it will revitalize its platform with meme tokens. Huobi manager Justin Sun also said in a recent statement that he will be trading meme tokens.

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