How About Chiliz, Cronos, and Algorand?

World Cup enthusiasm continues at full speed. Algorand (ALGO), Chiliz (CHZ) and Cronos (CRO) are among the projects to be considered during the trophy process. These projects displayed quite different pictures during the tournament. CRO, the official token of the cryptocurrency exchange, one of the tournament sponsors, was trading at $0.72 on November 19. Although CRO managed to maintain a sideways course, ALGO and CHZ lost significant value in the process.

Chiliz signed with Juventus in 2020, creating the first significant link between blockchain and football. In the meantime, world giants such as Barcelona, PSG and Manchester City have also been involved in the project. Due to its connection with football, many investors set their sights on this project before the World Cup. CHZ Coin, which dropped to $0.15 a week before the start of the tournament, managed to do 2x in just one week. However, this stage, as soon as the tournament started, the token price began to depreciate sharply.

Algorand, on the other hand, became the official NFT producer of the tournament in accordance with the agreement it made with FIFA before the tournament. FIFA has released a new collection through this blockchain project. However, this collection has not yet shown the expected success. Another blockchain project related to the tournament is Cronos. Before the start of the tournament, reached an official sponsorship agreement with FIFA. That’s why there are a lot of ads in the matches.

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