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Hougan Mentioned Cosmos, Bitcoin, Ethereum

In an interview published on Youtube, Matt Hougan said that Bitcoin and Ethereum, the leading cryptocurrencies, should be among the portfolios of investors. The expert also discussed the tight monetary policy implemented by the United States of America and made the following statements in his statements:

‘I’m going to talk about three altcoins that caught my eye right now. I still think Bitcoin is a very critical cryptocurrency. Asset institutions favor cryptocurrency holdings. This is a precaution against monetary policy mistakes, and I think there are still significant risks associated with these mistakes. We’re seeing a second pillar of inflation in Europe and the US that could complicate things. That’s why I think cryptocurrency is a great outlet in the current position. I think you will witness constant investments in the cryptocurrency space.’

However, the famous CIO also discussed Ethereum and said that he was excited to see its development in the coming years:

“We are probably most excited for Ethereum. Today, I think that Bitcoin and Ethereum should be at the forefront among the must-haves in a crypto money portfolio. There is a lot of technological advancement in the Ethereum ecosystem. The number of developers is huge, the cost per transaction is falling very fast, which makes me very excited. That’s why I love what’s going on in Ethereum.’

According to the Bitwise Investments CIO, the other cryptocurrency for investors to consider is Cosmos (ATOM), a blockchain ecosystem designed for scalability and cross-communication. After commenting on Bitcoin and Ethereum, the expert ended his speech at ATOM with the following words:

‘The third entity I will add to your portfolio: Cosmos, a competitor to Ethereum but with a different architectural thesis. ATOM currently has a lot of interesting activities, there is a lot of excitement around the cryptocurrency in question. So if you wanted to go beyond the big two, I would look at it as an interesting altcoin as well.’

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