Hoskinson’s NFT Views Lead to Controversy

Great controversy arose after Charles Hoskinson right-clicked and saved the Cardano NFT and made a profile picture. Many disliked this kind of attitude towards digital art and intellectual property that NFT property should secure.

A great controversy has erupted in the Cardano community today, with the move initiated directly by the project’s founder, Charles Hoskinson. This was because the crypto entrepreneur and blockchain developer updated his Twitter profile photo with a copy of the Cardano NFT showing an outline of himself.

Hoskinson said he made the photo “right-click and save” because he just liked it. At the same time, he stated that the artist and owner of the real NFT did not oppose it. Because the event increased the value of the work and confirmed his relationship with himself. The founder of Cardano summed up his view by saying that he got a cool profile photo and saved money.

Blakelock Brown, CEO of Cardano NFT marketplace JPGstore, said Hoskinson should buy a real NFT and thus set an example, as well as support the NFT industry. Brown also noted that the founder of Cardano is still doing enough to support this emerging segment of the crypto market. Hoskinson responded to Brown by saying that the NFT for him was nothing more than a lithograph of an original painting.

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