Hoskinson Talks About Voltaire Upgrade

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), the important smart contract ecosystem of the blockchain industry, took the floor on a YouTube channel. Hoskinson reassured users by addressing concerns about the project. Hoskinson dismissed the pessimistic rumors about Voltaire, which is described as the next phase of the Cardano project, and emphasized that “they will not compromise on security and transparency in the development process”.

The Voltaire upgrade will be the fifth phase of the ADA blockchain network according to the roadmap chart. The upgrade aims to enable decentralized decision-making by transforming Cardano into a self-sufficient platform. The CIP 1694 governance proposal, which is a phase of the Voltaire update, worries a section of the community. Hoskinson dismissed the allegations with the following statement:

“The CIP 1694 proposal aims to strengthen representative democracy in the governance of the ADA network. Cardano volunteers should pursue the truth. A tweet, a provocateur or a YouTube channel cannot be the main source for the development of the project. Follow official sources.”

Vanessa Harris, one of the leading Web3 consultants in the crypto industry, opposes Hoskinson. Harris claimed that with the CIP-1694 proposal, main developer Input-Output Global (IOG) will continue to control Cardano.

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