Cardano's native token, with its recent price performance, is not meeting the expectations of investors. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson talked about 3 main issues his team will focus on this year in a recent interview. Hoskinson said that this year the Cardano network will focus on being a sustainable network, an autonomous mechanism, and commercial comparability.

Charles Hoskinson said that they will focus more on this issue as Sustainability will allow the Cardano network to be more efficient and scalable, as well as to grow organically. Thinking that focusing on sustainability will further improve the user experience, Hoskinson refers to the high transaction fees in the Ethereum network.


As for commercial comparability, Hoskinson said that the updates since the beginning have been very consistent with each other. It is thought that continued development in this way will provide an advantage in competition with rival networks Ethereum and Solana.

Hoskinson believes that with the right updates, they will not only increase the stability and flexibility of the network, but also achieve the best result in the competition. Hoskinson noted that so far, significant upgrades such as Hydra have helped Cardano improve in all areas of operation, while also helping with scalability.

While Hoskinson said that the period from June to October is important for the Cardano network, he announced that many new features are planned to be deployed along with side chains during this period.


Self-determination of the Cardano network remains a different issue that the team will focus on throughout the year. The Cardano founder explained that with this method, the roadmap of the network, including Cardano investors, and how to act will be decided.

Apart from these factors, which the Cardano network will focus on, it has also been reported that studies will be carried out to provide financing to developers.