Hoskinson Opposes “ADA’s Not Listing on That Exchange”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson continues to make active posts on the social media platform Twitter. Hoskinson has recently come to the fore with his criticisms of the Ethereum side and his assessments of the crypto market. The Cardano founder also heavily discussed FTX events on Twitter.

Hoskinson, one of the most active actors in the crypto industry, finally touched on the Gemini situation. Hoskinson said it was positive that Gemini did not list the ADA.

Charles Hoskinson Talks About Crypto Exchange Gemini

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), who created a chat room on Twitter, mentioned that ADA is not listed on Gemini.

Hoskinson positively evaluated the Gemini listing’s failure to materialise. The Cardano founder said, “We are still not listed on Gemini. Looks like that’s probably a good thing because FTX didn’t list us either,” he said.

Hoskinson also mentioned that ADA, one of the largest cryptocurrencies, took a long time to be listed on Coinbase. US-based Coinbase had waited quite a while on the ADA listing.

The Cardano founder argued that despite dishonest statements and the turbulent processes of the industry, his project took a stand. Against those who claim that the project is not progressing, Hoskinson said, “To say that there is no development activity is an arrogant lie.” said.

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