Hoskinson Introduces New Data Protection Based Blockchain

A new project has been added to the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. Charles Hoskinson introduced his new Cardano project called Midnight, a data protection-based Blockchain designed for developers and humanity.

Charles Hoskinson introduced the project at the ongoing Cardano IO ScotFest: He announced it at The Age of Voltaire. Sharing the development on his Twitter account, he said:

“Midnight is a data protection-based Blockchain that helps protect sensitive personal and business data. The project will help protect the fundamental freedom of individuals, developers and firms by protecting sensitive business and personal data.”

According to the information on the official Midnight website, “Midnight will enable developers to quickly create and deploy data protection priority DApps using multiple programming languages, starting with Typescript. Companies will be able to share mission-critical information without fear of leaks or censorship.”

According to IOHK, Midnight is currently in development. IOG said it will share more details about the project as development progresses.

When Midnight is officially available to the public, people can safely leverage the network to share sensitive information while working in a connected world. Emurgo, the official commercial wing and co-founder of Cardano (ADA) Blockchain, said it plans to launch USDA, its USD-indexed stablecoin, in early 2023.

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