Hoskinson Demands Peace with the Cardano Community

The crypto industry has been in intense conflict with regulators. While the harmonization process is being discussed, the actors of the sector do not take a step back. Many crypto actors consider the SEC to be malicious. In particular, it was noteworthy that the SEC also showed projects such as Cardano and Solana as securities.

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson made an interesting tweet these days, when ADA was also shown as a security and intense discussions began. Hoskinson has invited the XRP community to peace.

Earlier, Hoskinson made statements about XRP’s securities lawsuits and received intense reaction from the community. Hoskinson, in particular, lit the fuse by saying that the Ripple case was worrying for the industry. At one point, Hoskinson was even asked how the ADA would react if faced with securities charges. Hoskinson gave evasive answers to this question.

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