Hopeful Sharing from CZ

At the beginning of the week, while the global markets were losing blood, Bitcoin, which was strong, could not resist anymore and suffered a 6% loss in a single candle this morning. Bitcoin, which was rejected from a strong point where the weekly Ma50 and and Ma200 converge, retreated to the $22,000 level. With the decline in Bitcoin, there were serious losses in altcoins. While Ethereum has been pulled back to the $ 1550 level, the loss in many altcoins has exceeded 10%.

While the reason for the sharp decline is not known exactly, positive messages came from the CEO of Binance, the largest market maker. Cz, who has already referred to the headlines of the mainstream media by saying “Bitcoin is dead again”, gave a general advice to investors. Underlining that his words should not be perceived as financial advice, Cz wanted his words not to be perceived as a bottom or top signal. Here is what Binance CEO shared:

“Some people are often jealous of others who bought the last low. Don’t be that guy tomorrow. It’s not financial advice. It doesn’t contain a bottom or top signal. Just generally speaking.”

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