Hillary Clinton, a former American presidential candidate, made a surprising statement about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin seem to have failed to fascinate Clinton. Speaking at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum held in Singapore, Clinton said that today's world is facing new challenges, and listed these challenges as disinformation, artificial intelligence and crypto money.

"Crypto is Dangerous"

Hillary Clinton; "Cryptocurrencies are interesting and in some cases attract people's attention with their exotic nature. But they pose a danger to the US Dollar." said. Clinton also; “He noted that the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could lead to imbalances in all nations.” 

Clinton used the following statements;

“Nation states need to pay more attention to the rise of cryptocurrencies. Because the process of trading cryptocurrencies and issuing new coins requires literally exotic endeavors in their nature and therefore attracts people's attention. But they still have the potential to destroy national currencies. In particular, they can undermine the dollar's role as a reserve currency and destabilize nations. Of course, this danger can start from small countries and spread to large countries.

Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump expressed similar views to Clinton. Trump disliked cryptocurrencies because of their rivalry against the dollar.