VanEck's CEO, Jan Van Eck, seems to have put the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) at the head of his own investment. Van Eck is confident that the Bitcoin (BTC) price will rise to the stratosphere in the coming period.

Emphasizing that Bitcoin (BTC) will achieve a 732% rise from the current level and see $250,000. Jan Van Eck explained it himself. VanEck's CEO Van Eck stated that reaching the 6-digit level will be in a short time and this will pave the way for a big explosion. According to the CEO, Bitcoin (BTC) will capture 50% of the total market value of gold.

   "Investors see it as an analogue or complement to gold. It can be summed up as the current situation. Bitcoin has limited supply and this supply is highly visible. It is very difficult and almost impossible to change. Bitcoin will soon achieve half the market value of gold. It may take less than 10 years for the unit price to reach $250,000. It's hard to give an exact time."


Noting that Bitcoin can be used much more easily thanks to its digitality, the investor also mentioned that institutional acceptance has increased. Pointing out that they receive intense Bitcoin (BTC) demand from their own investors, VanEck manages an 80 billion dollar fund. According to this executive, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) already poses a threat to gold. Although Bitcoin (BTC) broke a record and reached $ 69,000 in 2021, it is far from this value as of now.

According to CoinGecko data, the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was $28.75 at the time of writing, while the last 24-hour trading volume was $23,590,085,420. Bitcoin (BTC) price is down -2.3% in the last 24 hours.