Shiba Inu, which has started to attract attention again with its upward price movement, continues to be a favorite of whales. Blockchain data shows a new whale account purchase of 3.4 trillion SHIB tokens worth $115 million.

According to blockchain data, a total of 3.45 trillion SHIB tokens were transferred to an Ethereum wallet yesterday in two separate transactions. While in the first transaction recorded yesterday, approximately 3.437 trillion SHIB was sent to the relevant address, it was observed that 20 billion SHIB were transferred in the first hours of the day today. According to the current Shiba price, the total value of the wallet is currently around 115.6 million dollars. Prior to this transfer, information from Whale Stats showed that the top 100 investors with the most SHIB tokens in their wallets had 25 percent of the total supply of the joke-themed crypto asset.

It seems that investors who have been buying in large quantities, called whales, have taken advantage of Shiba's low price last week. However, the altcoin, which is currently in 13th place with a market value of $ 18.05 billion, has gained 55 percent from the bottom levels in the last week.

Increasing whale demand for Shiba Inu also results in the crypto asset becoming the largest ERC-20-based crypto asset held in the top 1000 Ethereum wallets. Thus, Shiba Inu inherited this title from the FTX token.


SHIB bounces off lows

Shiba Inu continued its sharp rise in the growing market, which was seen on the last day of the week, on the first day of the week. After a 26 percent price increase on Sunday, the Shiba Inu saw an increase of close to 15 percent yesterday.

The popular altcoin, which is moving with relatively lower volume today, tested yesterday's peak price of $0.000035 again in the morning. At this point, SHIB, which was rejected for the second time, was changing hands at the $0.000032 band at the time of the news release.