High-Price NFT Sale Despite Bear Season

With the Terra LUNA collapse, the bankruptcy of FTX, the Fed’s intervention in the dollar and the war, there were great decreases in NFTs like all markets and the “floor prices” almost crashed. However, an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which marked 2021, bought by many celebrities from Stephen Curry to Justin Bieber and Madonna, was also sold for 800 ETH despite the “crypto winter”.

Item 232 of the BAYC collection was sold yesterday to anonymous NFT collector Keung by Deepak Thapliydal, CEO of Web3 cloud software company Chain, for 800 ETH. Keung also thanked Thapliydal with his tweet. Known as the gold-fur Bored Ape, it is considered one of the rare NFTs

Thapliyal is also known for being an NFT collector. Chain CEO paid 8,000 ETH in February, worth around $24 million, for a single CryptoPunks NFT. Thapliyal recently stated that Chain company, of which he is the CEO, was also affected by FTX’s bankruptcy and would sell some of its NFTs. One of those sales was BAYC NFT number 232. Thapliyal stated that he would not sell the CryptoPunks NFT, for which he paid a record price. The CEO later deleted all these tweets. Finally, BAYC NFT, which was sold for around 1 million dollars, was NFT 8585, which was sold on October 1 for 777 ETH ($ 1.02 million at the price of the period).

It may be enough to look at the payments made by celebrities to see how much the NFT market has melted. This product of the famous singer Justin Bieber, who received the BAYC NFT by paying $ 1.3 million in February, is currently worth about 69 thousand dollars.

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