In the latest auction of Sotheby's, a rare jewel called Enigma was sold for cryptocurrency. Enigma, the world's largest cut black diamond thought to have come from space as a result of a supernova explosion, went up for auction after being exhibited in Dubai.

Weighing 555.55 carats, Enigma is a type of "carbonado", a rare black natural diamond. Although not suitable for use as jewelry like other types of diamonds, it proved to be an extremely valuable piece at auction.

enigma diamond

Sotheby's announced that Enigma has changed hands at auction for $4,292,322. The auction house also stated that the buyer prefers to use cryptocurrencies for the purchase. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency payment method is not a first for Sotheby's.

It seems that the black diamond Enigma's relationship with crypto money will not only be a payment method. The new owner of the diamond introduced himself via social media. Thus, it was learned that the new owner of this unique diamond is Richard Heart, the founder of crypto company Hex. Richard Heart said he bought the diamond to be "the cultural heritage of the Hex community (HEXicans)", but did not provide further details.

Richard Heart Hex

Heart also stated that the rare piece, the black diamond Enigma, will now be called the diamond. The selling price of the diamond is not a record. However, this diamond, which draws attention with its many features, is expected to be used by the company as a marketing tool in the crypto money industry.