Hayes Points to Crypto for the Solution

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes pointed to the problems of the traditional financial system and pointed to crypto as the solution.

Arthur Hayes, the founder of the stock market BitMEX, which is heavily used by traders trading on derivatives, gave a remarkable interview to the crypto press. Talking about current economic developments and his predictions about the future, the crypto phenomenon stated that people’s wealth is melting as a result of the devaluation of money. According to Hayes, governments with high public debt have no choice but to print money so they don’t go bankrupt. The BitMEX founder explained the way out of wealth loss is to “get out of the traditional financial system.”

With limited supply and not tied to a government, cryptocurrencies can protect our wealth.

Continuing his assertive words, BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes associated the American government’s pressure on crypto with the system. According to the crypto phenomenon, the government does not want citizens to step out of the traditional system through digital assets.

They want our capital to be reduced by 20%, 30% or even 50% while remaining within the traditional financial system. There is no other way to pay the public debt.

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