With the introduction of the concept of Metaverse into our lives, virtual reality began to show itself in many fields from art to education, from construction to marketing. Artificial intelligence expert Catriona Campbell says that within the next 50 years, parents can have children with metaverse technology.

According to the news in Guairdian, Campbell states that the children existing in the virtual universe will be different from the ones in the physical universe and the society will adopt this. Virtual dolls, also known as "Tamagotchi", which appeared in Japan at the end of the 1990s and entered our lives, were popular toys of a time.

Catriona Campbell

Players of various animal or baby figures could feed and raise the virtual baby they chose, take the toilet, and even punish them if they misbehaved. Campbell says that children existing in the virtual universe with the mateverse will be slightly different from those in the physical universe and "Tamagotchi". Because while the toy can touch the virtual baby on the touch screen, the "metaverse virtual baby" will be able to be hugged in the simulated environment.

In addition, while Toy virtual dolls are produced for children, adults will adopt these virtual dolls. According to Campbell, the new virtual dolls will be easily adopted by the society, based on the rapid popularity of the Japanese toy all over the world. Campbell says the virtual baby that can grow and develop can be embraced into the metaverse. As the baby grows, their character and emotions will develop, and they will also be able to elicit simulated emotional responses. If you get bored with the virtual children you will have by paying money every month, such as a subscription, you can give up your child by canceling your membership. This also offers parenting experience to people who are worried about having children.

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According to the expert, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a baby this way. It is an undeniable fact that for a baby born in a physical environment to lead a good life requires serious costs, there is no need for such a budget for virtual babies. In addition, reducing the population is one of the advantages of minimizing the destruction of the environment by human beings. On the other hand, the feeling of being deprived of a baby that can be closed and bloody can be considered a disadvantage. However, according to Campbell, disadvantages can also be overcome.