Has the Rise Begun for Enjin?

In the past bull cycle, it was seen that metaverse altcoins experienced very sharp rises. These products, which gained enormous value, experienced a historical collapse in the bear season in 2022. The fact that Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, started 2023 with sharp rises, paved the way for the movement of altcoins. Although there is no significant rise in Bitcoin as of today, the metaverse coin Enjin (ENJ) is on the rise. As of today, ENJ, which has managed to experience an increase of more than 30 percent, seems to have attracted the attention of crypto money investors again.

Enjin, which is also listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, seems to have been very bullish in recent days. ENJ, whose rise has been suppressed due to the declines of Bitcoin, is pricing the announcements made in the last days.

When we examine the latest announcements of the Enjin team, it is seen that the 2.0 version of the Enjin wallet has been released. This wallet move is seen as a critical development for Enjin. Underlining that they have made many corrections in the last shared developer update, the Enjin team has managed to get rid of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin as of today, allowing ENJ to rise again. The steps to be taken by the Enjin team in the coming days seem to bring much greater rise in ENJ.

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