As of yesterday, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance shared a text called “Listing Tips”. It was said that the transaction volume of the product to be listed in article 5 of this text should be at peak levels in the BSC network. CEEK VR, which has the highest transaction volume in the BSC network among Metaverse products, gives positive signals for the coming days.

After this shared announcement, the interest in CEEK VR started to increase again. The popular metaverse product, which has risen more than 10 percent as of today, has once again been on the agenda of the crypto money industry.


The popular metaverse altcoin CEEK VR is trading at $0.2035 at the time of writing. CEEK coin, which managed to get a reaction from the critical support level, is expected to gain value up to $ 0.32 in the coming days.

CEEK VR, which will be able to experience much larger rises with the breaking of its falling trend after this move, may bring serious gains to its investors in the coming days. Let's see if CEEK VR, which is among the products with the highest potential in the crypto money industry, can experience the expected rises in the coming days.

What is CEEK VR?

Ceek VR (CEEK) is a metaverse project that connects musicians, athletes and other digital creators directly with their fans. Collaborating with the world's best artists, it brings together users and artists in the virtual reality (VR) world.

Developed by Ceek Global Innovations, Ceek was launched in 2018. The company was founded by Mary Spio, who is still the project's chief executive officer.

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The platform's native token, CEEK, is an ERC-20-based and non-mining token. The total supply of CEEK tokens is 1,000,000,000 and its circulating supply is 744,176,729.

Ceek VR, which sees itself as the future of video and music broadcasting, has a set of VR glasses that are patented and currently sold all over the world. Through this set and Ceek Virtual Reality Platform, the project provides various channels for VR content. Thanks to the VR glasses set and platform, broadcasters, artists, athletes can earn money by performing in the metaverse environment.


Ceek VR has cooperated with Universal Music, one of the biggest music companies in the world. As part of this collaboration, Ceek promises to bring together world-famous artists such as Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting and Ziggy Marley with their fans in the metaverse environment.

Artists and other creators on the platform can tokenize exclusive experiences and mint coins that can be exchanged with fans for different components of a VR experience. These experiences can be anything from a custom-designed VR world dedicated to an album or song to watching a metaverse concert from the front row.