Has the Amount of BTC Held by Tesla Changed?

In the USA, the balance sheet calendar has intensified. Electric vehicle giant Tesla’s first quarter balance sheet will be announced on Wednesday. Bitcoin investors are wondering if there is a change in the amount of Bitcoin that Tesla holds. Although Tesla has sold a significant portion of his Bitcoins, he still holds 9,720 BTC. At current prices, this amount is approximately $300 million. The total cost of Tesla buying these Bitcoins is close to 340 million dollars.

In the past months, some Bitcoin transactions with strong signals of institutional buying have attracted attention. Later, MicroStrategy announced that it had purchased 6 thousand 455 and then 1,45 BTC. Therefore, it is possible, albeit low, that Tesla may have sold or added to his Bitcoins.

Tesla, who bought Bitcoin for the first time in February of 2021 and owned about 42,000 BTC with his purchase, reported that by July 2022, he had sold 75 percent of them. Tesla made these sales at an average price of $ 29,000. On the other hand, Elon Musk will be speaking at the Possible conference in Miami with the title “Twitter 2.0”. Questions about crypto are likely to be raised at this conference as well.

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