Harmony Team Successfully Completes Velvet Hard Fork Upgrade

One of the first fragmented blockchain projects, Harmony (ONE) team shared a new tweet about the big hardfork update. The developers shared a photo while celebrating the successful completion of the Velvet Hardfork improvement they have been working on for a long time.

According to the team’s statement, the v2023.1.0 update was successfully launched yesterday. Thanks to the new design of the Harmony network, ONE coin holders will be able to move their tokens between segmented blockchain elements without the need for software knowledge.

The Harfork update has received full support from all major crypto platforms so far. This collaboration seems to have made the ONE team’s job a lot easier. Many decentralized wallet application users, including MetaMask, will benefit from the new version of Harmony. In the long term, the developers aim to move the project to a proof-of-stake system like Ethereum’s Merge update.

After the successful Velvet upgrade, no extra movement was observed in the ONE price. However, the Harmony native token has been one of the top-paying altcoins since the beginning of the year. ONE has gained 160% value since the first day of 2023, attracting the eyes of investors. However, today it is traded with sellers in parallel with the market. $ONE is currently trying to hold above the $0.0256 support.

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