Hamilton Addresses Ripple Community: “Keep Calm”

Mat Hamilton, the former director of Ripple, stated on social media that the US government cannot confiscate XRP.

While the outcome of the case between Ripple and the SEC is awaited with curiosity, the statements of the parties are also attracting great attention. In particular, the Ripple side has agreed that the case will result in a decisive victory. In the turbulent period of the cryptocurrency market, many claims are being made. Some of these claims are that Ripple will lose the case or XRP will be confiscated. The company’s former director, Mat Hamilton, clarified these claims.

Addressing the allegations that have been circulating recently, Mat Hamilton, former director of Ripple (XRP), demanded that the community remain calm. Hamilton explained that the rumors that the government will seize XRP are unfounded. Also, the former director said that such a thing would not be possible and that XRP was appreciated by its users.

“There is a small, but very vocal minority of the XRP Community that is promoting a crazy idea of the US government buying back / confiscating XRP from US citizens, yet for some strange reason compensating them 100’s of 1000’s of % above market rate.”

“XRP lives on a decentralized blockchain and cannot be seized except under pressure from keyholders,” Hamilton tweeted. said. Hamilton also mentioned that there may be a minority XRP investor who wants these rhetoric to come true. But according to Hamilton, the United States will not take such action.

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