Greenidge, which produced 195 bitcoins in May, 15% less than in June, started to produce more bitcoins with the increase in the hash rate. According to the statement, the company had a hash rate of 1.7 EH/s at the end of May, while this number increased to 2.5 EH/s as of June 30. By the end of June, the total number of bitcoins the company had mined in the last six months reached 1,183.

Greenidge operates a total of approximately 27,500 miners at several different sites. In addition to this, the company has 200 more miners in shipment. Almost 24% of the company's total hash capacity is located at the facility in Spartanburg. Greenidge started using this facility in December 2021.

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Greenidge, which also operates in New York, started to focus on mining activities in different places than New York. The New York State Environmental Protection Agency had rejected the company's license renewal application a few days ago on the grounds that it did not comply with gas emission limits. Greenidge management plans to appeal this decision and continue mining during this time.

Bitcoin Mining Giant Hasn't Sell Bitcoin For A Long Time

It has been stated that Bitcoin mining giant Marathon Digital has not sold Bitcoin since October 2020. Bitcoin mining giant Marathon Digital has shown its iron fist as it has not sold any Bitcoins since October of 2020. The company disclosed its financial and current status in its production and mining operation announcement. Despite the increase in Bitcoin miner outputs, Marathon reported that it produced 707 BTC in the second quarter of 2022, an annual increase of 8 percent compared to the second quarter of 2021.

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On the other hand, it was also stated that the company currently holds 10,055 BTC worth an estimated $222.5 million at current prices. The company has not sold any assets since October 2020.