Sony, which mostly managed to take the right position in technology, has now become one of the concept-defining brands. Sony's recent patent, on the other hand, will make a great contribution to the metaverse.

The Japanese tech and entertainment giant recently unveiled the next generation of its VR headset, the PSVR2, along with a forthcoming game for the system, Guerrilla and Firesprite Games' Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The function of the patent, which Sony recently received, is based on scanning the objects in the real world and transferring them to the virtual world.

You will even be able to transfer your seat to the virtual world!

This revolutionary patent was normally filed last summer but was rejected for various reasons. Sony revised the project and eventually got the patent. In order to transfer the object to the virtual world, a 360-degree scanning process is required, and this technology is essentially based on long-known motion photogrammetry.

sony vr

It will help create habitats in the Metaverse

As a result of this patent, which can work integrated with the VR system, people in Metaverse universes will be able to transfer their physical life furniture to the living spaces in these universes, which will facilitate adaptation to the Metaverse.

Sony Metaverse

The tech brings to mind another Sony patent filing from last year which would enable players to use ordinary household items as game controllers. This would extend to using the likes of oranges and bananas as cheap controllers, which would make playthroughs of Crash Bandicoot a lot more fruity.

What will Sony do with this technology?

Sony is not using this technology in its new VR2, it could use it in a new VR system or license it to other tech companies. Ultimately, Sony's move will accelerate the work to be done in this area.