Grab forms Web3 partnership with Circle

Grab, a Singapore-based multinational technology company, has partnered with Circle. The two companies will run a pilot program for Web3 services in Singapore. In the statement made by Circle, it was stated that the new Web3 services will initially be available only for Grab users in Singapore and that the services can be accessed through the Grab Web3 Wallet. In this way, it is aimed for traditional companies in the country to experience easy adoption of stable coins, digital assets and smart contras.

On the other hand, it was also stated that many rewards, including NFTs, will be distributed to some lucky users within the framework of the pilot program. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said the following about the partnership:

News of this development broke last week and ehrkes were wondering. As of today, we announced the partnership. Now Web2 companies have also started to adopt blockchain technology. Now everyone understands the importance of digital innovation.

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