Google Transfers BlockFi’s Ex-Admin

Rishi Ramchandani, the vice president of Asia of the BlockFi company, which went bankrupt twice in a few months, left his job since 2020 this month and transferred to Google. Ramchandani will be responsible for Web activities for the Asia-Pacific region at Google.

As it is known, Google Cloud has had very serious steps in Web3 recently. The company, which has made important moves to provide customers with many steps such as storage, upload and transaction using blockchain technology, has established various partnerships with BNB Chain, Polygon and Aptos.

BlockFi, which went bankrupt in the confusion created by the collapsed Terra LUNA ecosystem in May and was later bought by the FTX exchange, went bankrupt for the second time in 5 months with the bankruptcy of this exchange. BlockFi, which is currently in bankruptcy court, applied yesterday to refund customers who do not use credit and interest applications and only keep funds in their wallet.

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