Google Play Changes Policy Allowing NFTs

Google Play has made a constructive change in its policy regarding blockchain technology, paving the way for developers to release products containing cryptocurrencies and NFT.

With a policy change on July 12, Google Play announced that applications containing products such as crypto money and NFT on the store will be allowed. However, it will be expected that the crypto money and NFT content in the applications will be transparent and sustainable. In addition, developers who want to add tokenized assets to their applications will need to indicate on the Play Console that blockchain-based products are included in the application. Joseph Mills, Google Play Group Product Manager, made the following statements about the development:

From reimagining traditional games with user-owned content to driving user loyalty with unique NFT rewards, we’re excited to see creative in-app experiences evolve and help developers grow their businesses.

In addition to his excitement, Mills warned content producers to be transparent, reminding that user trust is a priority:

We require apps to be transparent to users about tokenized digital assets. If an app or game sells or earns users tokenized digital assets, developers must clearly disclose this.

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