Google Cloud Will Become Authenticator on Tezos PoS Blockchain

Google Cloud computing operator will be the verifier on the Tezos network. Enterprise customers of Google Cloud will be able to host Tezos nodes to verify and store transaction histories for building Web3 applications on the network.

While this collaboration of Google Cloud with Tezos is the technology giant’s latest integration move with a blockchain network, it started to provide node hosting services for Ethereum last October, then became a validator in Solana. While such cooperation agreements indicate that technology giants continue to show interest in blockchain and Web3 projects, the confidence of companies willing to enter the sector is also raised through the infrastructure provided by organizations such as Google.

Google Cloud has highlighted the relationship between hacked accounts in the past and explained that the company is adapting to the risks in the digital asset space. As is known, this agreement is not the first partnership in which Google Cloud has been involved in the blockchain space. In September, the company agreed to run a validator node on the Ronin network. A month after this agreement, Google Cloud started providing blockchain node services to Ethereum developers.

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