Good News from Montana to Crypto Miners

Crypto money mining has been the subject of more examination at the US Congress, while some state legislature continues to evaluate the proposals for restricting the sector due to increasing concerns about energy use. Other states are preparing laws to protect crypto money miners from such pressures, citing the economic potential of hosting mining activities. Montana also came to the crypto miners about this issue.

The US State Assembly officially accepted the bill, which resets the tax in the use of crypto currencies as a payment method and protects the rights of crypto currency miners. In general, the legislation, which was shared as a bill that reviews crypto currency laws, included articles related to crypto currency mining and digital assets were defined as ‘personal assets ..

Recently, the proposal, which required miners who used electricity over 10 megawatts in the state of Texas in the state of Texas, was approved. The bill from Montana aims to protect the right to crypto mining by preventing such discriminatory situations. According to the bill, the Montana Energy Commission opposes extreme discriminatory tariffs for crypto currency mining, crypto currency mining businesses or crypto mining activities at home. It also limits the fact that local governments move against mining operations at home by taking their powers away.

On the other hand, the bill also includes the zero of taxation for the use of crypto currencies as a payment method. The bill adopted in both the Senate and the Assembly will be enacted after the signature of the governor. As it is known, environmentalists and US legislators target Bitcoin miners due to their potential effects on carbon neutrality targets and electricity networks. Some judicial places, which were once more friendly to crypto mining, continue to impose new restrictions in order to limit carbon emissions and protect them from negative energy effects. In the meantime, crypto miners continue to look for new opportunities and migrate to countries that provide cheap and ready -made energy.

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