Good News from Justin Sun to Crypto Exchange Huobi

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, said that popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has applied for a crypto trading license to Hong Kong regulators. Although Binance still dominates the industry, it is observed that Huobi has also increased its market share with Justin Sun being the chief advisor of the Huobi exchange.

Justin Sun conveyed the following words on his official Twitter account on the subject:

“Huobi announced that it has applied for a crypto trading license in Hong Kong. This is an important step towards becoming a major cryptocurrency exchange and a sign of its commitment to continue operating in a regulated manner.

With the new license, Huobi will become a more diversified crypto exchange that will be able to bring its services and offers to customers in Hong Kong.

This is great news for investors looking for a reliable platform to buy, sell and store digital assets.

In addition to the licensing news, Huobi is launching a new exchange in Hong Kong called Huobi Hong Kong. The exchange will be fully compliant with local regulations and offer customers a range of trading pairs and services.”

After these developments, it was seen that Huobi Token (HT) experienced an increase of more than 10 percent. The steps to be taken by the popular stock market in the future may accelerate the rise in HT.

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