Goldman Sachs Views Blockchain Positively

Globally recognized banking giant Goldman Sachs stated that they continue to have a positive outlook on Blockchain technology.

Mathew McDermott, the digital asset leader of Goldman Sachs, stated that the bank will take firm steps in the blockchain activity. Dermott especially emphasized his belief in blockchain technology with his statements. In addition, Dermott added that the activity to integrate blockchain technology into the bank will continue. Dermott, head of digital assets at Goldman Sachs, also announced that he will be recruiting workers for the department this year.

In line with his statements, Dermott stated that, based on the past, the digital assets department, which consisted of only four personnel in 2020, has reached approximately 70 personnel today. Statements made by Goldman Sachs reveal giant banking’s passion for blockchain technology and digital assets. Declaring that it will increase its working capacity in this direction, the banking giant Goldman Sachs has set out on activities for recruiting workers.

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