Glassnode: “Purchases made in the 2021/22 cycle”

On-chain data firm Glassnode stated that the Bitcoin supply breakdown under $30,000 provides a solid foundation. In the latest report published, the company stated that the profit / loss ratio at the current pricing is 75 to 25, which means that only 25 percent of all coins are bought over 30 thousand dollars.

In the company’s statement on the subject, it was stated that almost all of the profit-making group are long-term investors, and these people are either “hodl” until the end or people who follow a policy of taking profit as the price rises:

As we can see, the cluster of 15 thousand to 30 thousand buyers is quite large. This shows that a significant number of coins have changed hands in the last 1 year. However, it seems that only 25% of the supply is taken from pricing above $30,000. These purchases were made in the 2021/2022 cycle.

Glassnode also stated in its report that once this 75 to 25 ratio is achieved, there is a serious “digestion” process and an accumulation period is entered:

Such accumulation periods are generally known as periods without macro market movements and volatile trading times for a few months. As the market searches for this equilibrium point, we will see whether a long and fluctuating process will occur.

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