Experts say that many investors have been at a loss in recent days, emphasizing the declines in BTC and cryptocurrencies after investors buy Bitcoin. Glassnode analysts, who stated that if a downward movement starts in the coming days, investors who are in loss can sell to avoid much more loss, think that the decline in Bitcoin may deepen.

Glassnode experts completed their analysis based on Bitcoin's 8-week average price chart. According to this analysis, $44,659 was determined as the highest point, while the lowest point was announced as $38,144. Announcing that most of the investors have bought Bitcoin over $ 44,000, experts say that these investors will be able to sell in the coming days, not being able to bear the loss, and that there will be a decrease in line with these sales.

bitcoin week 8 price

Stating that the fear on investors is increasing day by day, experts point to the crypto fear and greed index. As of now, the index, which has regressed to extreme fear levels, is expected to decrease by up to 10 basis points in case of large sales in Bitcoin.

Due to the possible war between Russia and Ukraine, which continues to scare investors, the downward movement initiated by one bad news may not stop until the range of 27,000 - 30,000 dollars. Experts, who say that investors are still at a loss, expect the results of the decline that will start with a FUD news to be very bad.

According to Coinecko, Bitcoin is priced at $37.634 at the time of writing. Bitcoin 24-hour trading volume is $18,205,976,600. The price is down -1.3% in the last 24 hours. There is a total supply of 21 million coins, with a supply of 19 million BTC coins in circulation. FTX.US is currently the most active market where this is traded.