Giant Ethereum Whale Earning 15x From PEPE, Bought TURBO

Cryptocurrency whales seem to have focused more on meme coins lately. The whales, who made serious purchases due to the activity of the joke-themed tokens, went on sale with the last move of Binance.

Binance listed 2 meme coins at once, FLOKI and PEPE. The popular exchange, which has not listed 2 meme coins at the same time for a very long time, may even have started a joke token frenzy.

According to the successful data provider Look On-Chain, whales have seen this listing move by Binance as an escape opportunity. After Binance listed PEPE, the whale, which transferred huge PEPE to the popular stock market, seems to have sold these altcoins.

Look On-Chain shared the following details about these whale movements:

This giant whale who bought 4.23T PEPE ($15.6M) with 422 $ETH ($871K) and 200K $USDC deposited all $PEPE to #Binance 30 mins ago. His average buying cost is $0.0000002535, and the profit is ~$14.5M now! He may sell after opening trading, watching out for the price change.

Will the whale, which has made a 15-fold profit in PEPE, be able to make such a profit from the altcoin named TURBO in the future? matter of curiosity.

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