Gem Digital Limited Increases Investment Commitment with Everdome

Although there are more sellers in the crypto money markets, some investment companies continue to invest in potential projects by taking advantage of these decreases. GEM Digital also took a new step in this direction. GEM Digital, which has invested 10 million dollars in Everdome (DOME) in the last period, has increased this investment to 60 million dollars according to the latest announcement. Everdome has published the following announcement about this investment:

“Delighted to announce that GEM Digital Ltd. have increased their investment commitment in Everdome from $10 million to $60 million. Priming our metaverse adventure for accelerated growth & development.”

Everdome CEO Jeremy Lopez had the following to say about this investment:

GEM has become much more than a financial partner; They have been supportive throughout our partnership discussions and have helped open doors with new partners and exchanges.

Can Everdome (DOME), which is struggling at the bottom levels after this investment, start to exhibit upward moves? Time will show us…

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