Gate.io Aims to Expand Its Presence in Hong Kong

Hippo Financial Services Limited, the Hong Kong-based company of Gate.io, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, received the TCSP License, which is required for organizations such as trusts or businesses. Following the licensing process, the exchange has applied for a new license that will allow them to launch a new entity, Gate HK, designed for the Hong Kong market to expand their operations in the region. With this move, Hippo Financial Services, which focuses on providing oversight of virtual assets, actively manages local operations. In addition, teams are formed to ensure the security of the service infrastructure and customer assets with the allocated budget.

Gate HK is expected to be operational in the near future, following the new cryptocurrency license application process. This development is of great importance in the adoption of blockchain technologies and popularization of virtual assets in the current market. The steps taken not only deepen Gate.io’s relationship with global crypto investors, but also increase confidence in the exchange.

Making statements about the new developments in Hong Kong on his social media account in the past days, Gate.io Founder Dr. Han Lin said:

“I am very excited about Hong Kong. Gate.io, which has licensed the TCSP in Hong Kong, is also continuing its preparations for a new crypto license. With meticulous work, Gate HK is a new value specially designed to serve Hong Kong’s growing crypto market. Continue to follow us.”

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