Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of XRP issuer Ripple, made important statements on FOX television from the US media. Asked recently by JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to describe cryptocurrencies as “decentralized scams,” Garlinghouse said:

   "I think Warren Buffet had such statements in the past, but now we know that this industry is not going anywhere. We have come to the point of knowing this. It's a matter of which crypto money solves which problem... And 50 million people in the USA who don't think like Jamie Dimon. there is."

Ripple Xrp-4

Stating that it is difficult to have an idea about the increase in the XRP price, Garlinghouse also continued his tough stance against the SEC:

   “It's very hard to know what triggered the price spike. I've been in the cryptocurrency industry for 9 years, but now I know it's impossible to know. As for the case with the SEC… They get their power from Congress. They don't have any power on their own. Even the judge actually told them, 'Two-faced. ' He said that they did not act in full compliance with the law. I am optimistic about the summary decision. Because we think that they have already exceeded their authority. In fact, in a speech I made recently, I said that they lost their way. Why do courts happen? Because truths about an event are tried to be found here. There is nothing to discuss about the facts, but there is the law. The law of 1933 says 'there must be an investment contract'. There is no such thing. This contract made with whom... There is no contract. This is very clear. We think the SEC has overstepped its jurisdiction in this case. We're thinking about it."