Gamium Corp (GMM) Rises After Partnering With Meta

Gamium project announced the “Metaverse Activation Program”, which was agreed with both Meta and Telefonica, with a tweet it sent yesterday. In the statement made by Gamium, it was stated that the use of Meta technologies will be ensured thanks to the cooperation, and it was stated that “Selected startup companies will be able to benefit from business development opportunities with Meta and Telefonica.”

Gamium rose nearly 400% in the last 24 hours after announcing a collaboration with Meta (META) and telecommunications firm Telefonica (TEF). The following statements were included in the announcement:

“As part of a strong commitment to unlocking the future of the metaverse, Meta and Telefónica have developed a joint program aimed at empowering and scaling startups in the metaverse and Web3 industry. Under this program, the metaverse project Gamium is designed to help start-ups in the web3 industry and will work with Meta and Telefonica on the Metaverse Activation Program, an initiative launched to scale”

While all these developments were taking place, the Twitter account of the Binance exchange, which has more than 10 million followers, tweeted “gmm”. This tweet was perceived by investors and some of the followers as a “GMM” token promotion. However, the meaning of the tweet was simply an acronym for “Good Monday Morning” in English. Investors bought GMM tokens with this excitement. With a 600 percent increase, the price went up to $ 0.0043. The GMM token is trading at about $0.0028 at the time of the news.

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