FTX Parable by Arthur Hayes

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes likened FTX to Lehman Brothers and explained his prediction about Bitcoin.

Former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, one of the controversial names in the industry, Arthur Hayes, evaluated the Binance-FTX conflict and Bitcoin, which is on the agenda in his statements on Twitter. Hayes likened the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, one of the most well-known companies of the 2008 global crisis, to FTX. Hayes shared his thoughts on Twitter:

“FTX = Lehman
That wasn’t the bottom. $SPX hit 666 in March of 2009.
Therefore, $17,500 BTC is at risk.
How ’bout dem puts now…”

In addition, the BitMEX exchange, founded by Hayes, recently announced that there will be a launch on November 11 for the highly anticipated local altcoin BMEX. Hayes also made fun of this announcement, implying that the launch of this token was on the wrong date due to the latest situation in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, Hayes shared with his followers that he bought Bitcoin at the strike price of $ 15,000 after the fall in the market. Hayes said that the expiration date of these options is March 2023.

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