FTX Move from Tether

New developments continue to occur regarding the crypto money exchange FTX. This time, another move came from Tether. According to the latest news, it has blacklisted the $ 30 million USDT address belonging to the person or people who hacked FTX.

$30 Million USDT Address of Hacker Hacking FTX Black List

Tether over $3.9 million in Avalanche and over $27.5 million in Tether in Solana linked to FTX account unloader have been blacklisted by Tether.

Over $12 million in Chainlink (LINK) tokens were sold in the early hours in two transactions, shortly after reports of an attack on FTX. The business made just under $10 million after the slippage.

Separately, activity linked to wallets of the account filter on the Polygon Blockchain showed that approximately 3 million MATICs were sold for $2.4 million. Stablecoin issuer Tether has blocked some funds tied to the wallets of the account filter that sells tokens on the Avalanche and Solana networks earlier this morning, blockchain detective alias ZachXBT stated on Twitter.

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