In the use of cryptocurrency in companies surveyed by PYMNTS; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stablecoins and Ripple top the list, while only 4% of the remaining companies have a plan to use cryptocurrencies.

58% Prefer Bitcoin, 29% Prefer Stablecoin

The research on cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption was attended by executives of 250 multi-country companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue.

The research in question; He revealed that cryptocurrencies offer many advantages to multinational businesses, such as lower transaction costs, simpler payment procedures.

Of the multinational firms, of which 58% use at least one type of cryptocurrency, 31% use Bitcoin (BTC), 29% use Stablecoin, and 24% use Ethereum (ETH).

Stablecoins, which are intended to be stable in price, can maintain pretty much the same value from the day a user buys them to the day they spend or trade them. This is because the price of most stablecoins is pegged to fiat currencies like the US dollar or commodities like gold, unlike other cryptocurrencies.

Most stablecoins are currently pegged to the dollar. According to CoinTelegraph, issuers of these stablecoins have to keep the money they create in their reserves.

According to the survey conducted by;

More than 80% of businesses with $1 billion in annual revenue use at least one type of cryptocurrency.

For companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $49 million, this figure drops to 7.7%.

The following rates are observed in companies that generate value over 1 billion dollars;

46% Bitcoin
36.8% Ethereum
34.5% Stablecoins
32.2% Ripple

According to the aforementioned data;

Currently, only one in 10 businesses are looking for tools for their B2B (business-to-business) customers to use cryptocurrencies despite the huge interest among customers.

Only 4% of companies that do not provide cryptocurrency access have crypto-related plans.