With the voting on EOS on December 8, 67 million EOS to be given to the developer company Block.one was stopped. Without this decision from the community vote, Block.one would have received 67 million EOS over the next 6.7 years, as designed from day one. Behind this decision; It was alleged that Block.one failed to deliver on its promises and was no longer acting in the interests of EOS.

Yves La Rose, the founder of the EOS Network Foundation, said after the decision that came out of the vote;

   “The EOS network has taken its future into its own hands. This is the beginning of a new era for EOS.”

Daniel Larimer

Daniel Larimer, founder of EOS, also known as ByteMaster or BM, said this morning on the @EOSproject Telegram channel that they are considering a name change to EOS.

   “The time has come to rebrand EOS, to have a vision and purpose to encourage community engagement and investment in growth.”

EOS founder Larimer added that they are preparing a new whitepaper and that they plan to release it by the end of the month. In response to the questions, he said that a new chain will not be created, that the name change has been discussed with the foundation, and that EOS will continue to be used as a ticker.

   “I am working with Yves and the foundation to develop an EOS plan that will create growth.”

The price response to this initiative regarding EOS has been positive. Despite the generally negative mood in the market, EOS greeted the news with a nearly 15 percent increase from $3.10 to $3.50.