David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Media and former US Congress candidate, has been on the agenda recently with his statements about the Shiba Inu. The manager explained that he hopes SHIB will rise to $0.01 soon.

Claiming that SHIB rolled up its sleeves for a rally that would make its investors happy again last week, Gokhshtein ironically asked SHIB to do him a favor and get to this level. SHIB gained about 40% a few days ago.

Gokhshtein has been a pioneer in the community this year by sharing supportive and optimistic tweets about the SHIB price. The famous name, who paints a very good picture of SHIB reaching new heights, shared in April that Shiba can reach $ 0.001, not $ 1.


At that time, he stated that many people would invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethreum thanks to SHIB. Prior to this, the politician had tweeted the same statements for Dogecoin.

Recently, whales sold $10 million worth of SHIBs. Whales currently hold $181 million worth of SHIBs According to a recent tweet from the WhaleStats platform, which focuses on the largest wallets on the Ethereum chain, 1,000 Ethereum whale wallets hold a total of $181,118,075 worth of Shiba Inu. SHIB tops the list of whales.

However, the first 100 whales on the Ethereum network have slightly fewer SHIBs. These whales hold $177,582,337 worth of SHIB. SHIB ranks fourth in the top ten cryptocurrencies that these whales invest in. USDC, USDT, and stETH are top three on the list. On August 17, WhaleStats data revealed that these whales were holding $191.2 million in Shiba Inu. Whales sold around 10 million worth of SHIB, speculating on price fluctuations.

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William Volk, director of Shiba Inu Games, stated that the new game of the ecosystem, Shiba Eternity, has already seen great popularity in Vietnam. Due to higher-than-expected demand, the team had to increase the capacity of their game servers by fifty times. Vietnamese iOS users have the opportunity to participate in the early testing phase of Shiba Eternity.

Project leader Shytoshi Kusama hinted that the game could launch in Indonesia in the coming weeks. Volk claimed that things will get even more exciting when the Beta launch for Android users is released. The SHIB team has been working on the game for over nine months in partnership with game developers PlaySide Studios. Most of the community believes the game will be released in September this year.