Forbes Is Once Again In The Sandbox

The world-famous magazine company Forbes was one of the first companies to adopt the Web3 space. The company made important decisions to promote the metaverse and Web3 to its members. By partnering with Sandbox, the company will showcase the success of its publications and the history of the names behind it in a unique Web3 experience. Forbes will hold many educational events that showcase the history of the magazine, the passions of Malcolm Forbes, and more, starting December 14, 2022. Sandbox players will be able to rediscover the revamped Forbes and its culture until December 28, 2022.

The Forbes metaverse will host Forbes memorabilia, including an NFT gallery showcasing the magazine’s achievements, and will also promote Forbes 30 publications to enthusiasts with its 30 NFT collections. The company previously showcased the assets of billionaires virtually with the Virtual Billionaires NFT collection. In addition to the unique experience, players will be able to purchase a limited number of Forbes items that they can wear in the Sandbox. In addition, the World’s Richest publisher also stated that there will be surprise Christmas gifts and special surprises in Sandbox.

Other details about the event are as follows: Unlike the members-only event, this event will be open to all players. Players who complete all of the Forbes experience missions will enter an event with a prize pool of 50,000 SAND. Sandbox will distribute these rewards to players at a later date. How many SAND tokens a player will receive will depend on how many players complete the missions in total. Sandbox will also award the 400 winners a Forbes VIP Balloon NFT to celebrate the Forbes experience. To earn NFT, players must take a picture of their avatar at their favorite place on Forbes Hub and share it on social media with a welcome message for the new year. Players will also be able to take advantage of unique membership prices by interacting with certain game characters. In addition, the subscription will also give players early access to future Forbes events.

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