Football Festival with $3 Million Prize Pool From OKX

At OKX Football Festival; An event with a total of $3 million worth of prize pools is held, linking Web3 and football, consisting of an NFT game, trading competition and OKX Earn-exclusive staking opportunities.

OKX, the world’s second largest crypto exchange by trading volume, launched the OKX Football Festival in honor of the national football teams that are expected to meet in Qatar this month. At OKX Football Festival; The events include “NFT Game Football Cup”, “2022 OKX Football Cup Trading Competition” and “Earn Staking: Score a Goal with Tokens” events. There are also special staking opportunities for fan tokens among the events.

The OKX Football Festival kicks off with the NFT Football Cup, with prizes totaling $1 million on the Spot market. Fans will be able to mint three NFTs of their favorite national team for free. NFT holders will share the Spot rewards of 20,000 USDT as their teams progress through the group stages, and the prize pool for each eliminated team will be transferred to the winning team. OKX will add 10 USDT to the prize pool for every NFT minted. Users will be able to participate in the event using any ETH wallet.

Starting in mid-November, the 2022 OKX Football Cup Trading Competition will also offer fans the chance to showcase their trading skills as part of crypto trading.

Teams of at least 10 traders will compete against each other for a prize pool worth up to $2 million in this competition. There will be a full award festival with special prizes for new users, prizes based on answering questions in quizzes and reference prizes.

Haider Rafique, OKX Marketing Manager, commented on the event:

“At OKX, we offer unprecedented and innovative ways to help our users turn their passion for crypto into money and celebrate their victory. This year, we act as a bridge between the crypto and football communities as we wave our teams’ flags to support our national teams. We also want to show our newcomers the wide variety of opportunities that the Web3 and crypto world has to offer. OKX is investing heavily in the already market-leading Web3 Wallet and NFT Marketplace platforms. On this occasion, I can tell our users that this amazing festival is just the beginning for the new opportunities we will offer in the future.”

As part of the “Earn Staking: Score a Goal with Tokens” event starting November 11, various types of fan tokens for Manchester City ($CITY), Portugal ($POR), Argentina ($ARG), Flamengo ($MENGO) and Chiliz ($CHZ) are available. staking campaigns will be organized. Staking can be done using annual returns of up to 300% for $CITY and up to 200% for $POR, $ARG and $MENGO. $CITY is the official fan token of Manchester City Football Club. OKX is the official cryptocurrency exchange partner of Manchester City Football Club.

Beginning in mid-November, OKX will also offer its users the chance to win special Mystery Boxes with the theme of the big tournament that they are looking forward to this winter. Mystery Box holders will be offered the chance to win $CHZ, $ARG, $CITY and $POR tokens in addition to the prize tokens already offered.

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