With the highly anticipated Alonzo update on the Cardano network, the Cardano network has started to support Plutus-powered smart contracts. It was also stated that new areas of use will be opened for decentralized applications (DApps).

Cardano (ADA), which increased the bends after gaining a big rise with the Alonzo hard fork, then entered a downtrend.


With the Alonzo hard fork, ADA, which went up to $ 3, lost most of its value and was withdrawn to $ 1 after smart contracts did not revolutionize the network as expected.

In addition, positive developments for ADA continue, although they are few in number. FLEXA, one of the leading payment providers, gave the good news for ADA.

Flexa, which was founded in February 2018 and focuses on digital payments, now supports Cardano (ADA) payments. Payments network Flexa told the Cardano community that ADA transactions can now be made at 40,000 points.


Thanks to this new news, ADA can be used for direct payments in more than 40,000 locations in many countries, including the USA. In transactions carried out through the SPEDN application, users will be able to shop at any store with the ADAs in their wallets.

Although it does not seem like a big move for now, the introduction of different crypto money-oriented payment applications may increase the mass of these cryptocurrencies in the coming years. Especially low fees and transaction-oriented ADA will benefit from this.