First Digital Gold Exchange Transaction in Russia Using Digital Rubles

Moscow-based Rosbank has facilitated the digital gold purchase process with the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBSC). The operation was carried out on the Blockchain platform created by Atomyze, one of the few digital financial assets (DFA) issuers authorized by the Central Bank of Russia.

According to Rosbank’s statement, this is the first such transaction in the Russian Federation using distributed ledger technology and Digital Ruble. Regarding the second transaction, it was also stated in the statement that the full launch is planned for next year and is still in the development and testing phase. To issue or invest in DFA, interested parties must open an account on a dedicated platform. When a trade offer for a digital asset is accepted, Rosbank spoke with the acquiring investor about the details of the process, stating that it was agreed in Digital Rubles:

“This transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for reliable and secure solutions for these transactions, including the ability to pay in digital rubles, a new form of the Russian national currency.”

Olga Makhova, Director of Innovation and Data Analysis at Rosbank, shared the following words on the subject:

“We are delighted to play a key role in this successful digital gold deal, which provides synergies between two innovative projects based on distributed ledgers, the DFA platform and the Digital Ruble platform.”

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