First DEX News From Mina

Mina has taken the first steps towards the expansion of its ecosystem in the DeFi space. According to the official statements, the work of the first decentralized exchange project on the network has started. Accordingly, Lumina will begin operations in the near future. Decentralized applications (dApps) have started to be built on the Mina network, which is known as the lightest blockchain in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The first DEX of the ecosystem was introduced to users in the evening. It has been announced that early access pre-registration for the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has begun. The decentralized trading exchange, which will be called Lumina, will soon begin offering trading for both individual and corporate use:

Lumina in MinaProtocol; It is excited to announce that we are launching a decentralized exchange with zkKYC, enterprise ready. Lumina is uniquely positioned to offer scalability, privacy, compliance, security, identity, accessibility, and more.

Standing out with its 22 kilobyte size, Mina started operations in 2021. Mina, one of the first Layer 1 projects based on Zk technology, attracted all the attention, but lagged behind its competitors in producing dApps on the network. However, with Lumina, the first big step on the network for the DeFi ecosystem will be taken.

In the popular altcoin project, all eyes will soon be on the work on the Ethereum bridge. Mina–Ethereum zkBridge, which has been working for a long time and is currently trading on the Berkeley Testnet, is expected to start operations on the mainnet soon.

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