Find Satoshi Labs is Releasing the GNT V3.

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the name behind the popular Web3 game STEPN, has announced its artificial intelligence (AI) powered NFT generator. Dubbed GNT V3, the tool aims to place creativity at the technological intersections of AI and Web3. Working in collaboration with FSL’s recently launched NFT marketplace MOOAR, GNT V3 uses users’ selfies as input to create AI-generated images on the Solana blockchain.

FSL co-founder Yawn Rong says that GNT V3 has the ability to redefine digital identities in Web3.

What we’re doing is combining individuality with blockchain technology to redefine personal experiences. This is a new era of Web3 technology. With GNT, we push the limits of self-expression and enable users to be producers with their unique digital works.

FSL launched GNT V1 last month, which allows artists to mint individual NFTs in the MOOAR market. In April, it announced GNT V2, in which the AI model was developed. The company’s other co-founder, Jerry Huang, said in a press release: “The world is exploring the pros and cons of AI technology, but we’ve been working for months to come up with something new using the technology.”

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