Filecoin Developers Announce New Update

An update statement came from the team of Filecoin (FIL), one of the altcoins that came to the agenda during the bull season in the crypto money market. The upcoming “Shark” update to Filecoin’s network version 17 will bring a number of improvements and simplifications that set the stage for programmable storage. This is expected to be the last upgrade before the February release of FEVM (EVM runtime on FVM), currently planned for network version 18. Altcoin developers had this to say about the date of the upcoming update:

“We have been designing and developing these programmability improvements since March 2022 and we are excited to be taking this step. The upgrade for network version 17 is scheduled for November 30, 2022 (around 17:00 CEST at 2383680 epoch) and is already deployed on the calibration network.”

The developers had this to say about my update:

“FIP-0029 provides a storage provider beneficiary address to be different from the owner. This beneficiary has the right to withdraw funds from the on-chain miner up to a certain amount and time limit. FIP-0044 specifies a standardized authentication method for participants. This expands the set of entities that can authenticate certain bits of data, from those who hold cryptographic keys (signatures) to participants or smart contracts on any chain. One of the first benefits of this is that participants and smart contracts will be able to make storage agreements. FIP-0045 is the biggest change and Filecoin Plus separates the verified registrar from the embedded storage market.”

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